The Grow Together Olathe initiative grew from Let’s Grow Together – Growing with Grace, which formed in 2019 when various civic and community group leaders worked together as one team on a special project benefiting the Center of Grace.

Let’s Grow Together’s success was partly due to the focus on coming together to achieve more than one group could do alone.

The group’s success also led to realizing a need within our community–to have a central
resource for Olathe residents to find civic and community groups they can join to lead, serve, and support. Together, we grow through shared resources, talents, and volunteers!

The Let’s Grow Together initiative brings together Olathe’s civic and community groups working together on special projects that benefit our most vulnerable children and families through shared resources, talents, and volunteers.

Founding Let’s Grow Together Civic Organizations and Committee Members

  • Olathe Community Garden
  • Olathe Historical Society
  • Olathe Junior Service League
  • Olathe Lions Club
  • Olathe Noon Optimists
  • Olathe Retired Teachers Association
  • Olathe Rotary
  • Santa Fe Trail Rotary

Margaret Endecott ~ Leesa Gabel ~ Tony Gardener ~ Chad Hollins ~ Tom Kearney ~ Brent  McCune ~ Marlene Natoli ~ Ruth Nelson ~ Debbie Newton ~ Cristan Phillip ~    Pastor Sylvia Romero ~ Tony Silester  ~ Brian Steele ~ Michael Wenger ~ Beverly Wittenborn